Price is of course an important factor to take into account when arranging the funeral of a loved one. It is often the smaller services that can make all the difference to the final amount.

We will become part of your lives for a short time and we will listen to your requests and no matter what you decide to do, we will provide the same care, respect, and sensitivity to you and your loved one. We will always provide the personal care you would expect from a truly independent family business.


What makes up the cost of a funeral?

Funeral costs fall into 2 categories, to get the total cost these figures are added together.

Funeral Director’s Charges; these are our charges for carrying out the details of your chosen arrangement.

Disbursements (3rd party costs); these are costs we have no direct control over, such as crematorium or cemetery fees; these fees will not change regardless of which funeral director you use, but they may change depending on the choices you make for the funeral.

Our full prices are available if you would like to call us and discuss your requirements

Our Prices

Over the years the cost of funerals has continued to rise, often more than the cost of living.  Many of these price rises have come from the third-party disbursements which we pay on your behalf, such as crematorium fees, and are out of our control. As an independent family funeral director, we and other independent funeral directors have worked hard to ensure that funeral prices remain fair so that the funeral services we offer are not overpriced.

Following an investigation, started in 2019, by the Competition & Markets Authority (CMA), several issues across the funeral industry were highlighted, culminating in the Funerals Market Investigation Order 2021.

This Order has made it a legal requirement for ALL funeral directors to publish a ‘Standardised Price List’  both on their websites and in prominent positions within their premises by 16th September 2021.  This has been ordered in an effort to make it easier for bereaved families to compare ‘like for like’ funeral options from all funeral directors, whether independent family run companies or large co-operatives and stock market listed companies.

However, not all funeral homes are the same, and comparing ‘like for like’ with funeral services is not always an easy thing to do. We are extremely proud of the facilities and staff we have for caring for both the deceased and their bereaved families.

We understand that managing funeral costs is an important factor when choosing a funeral director and that it is equally as important to ensure that the highest level of care is also provided. At Eric Eyre Funeral Service we make sure everything is as transparent as possible. We will give you a full estimate of costs and explain all the options available and the costs involved.

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help guide you through a very traumatic time. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have so please do not hesitate to contact us. We are also happy for you to visit our premises, by appointment, to view our facilities and meet the people who will care for your loved one prior to making the decision of where you wish them to rest. Please remember that not all funerals are the same.

Standardised Price List Download

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Direct Cremation


  • Attending to all funeral arrangements
  • Guidance on the certification and registration of death
  • Local removal of the deceased to our chapel of rest
  • Simple coffin suitable for cremation
  • Provision of our hearse direct to our local crematorium
  • Bearers as required
  • Grenoside crematorium fees
  • Doctors cremation certificates


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of Funeral Directors
British Institute of
Funeral Directors
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